Jacinto Caetano, aka JC, our Lead Designer, has a passion for photography and is currently showcasing some of his work on our exhibition wall.


He infuses new forms of expression into each project, keen to show off his strong interest in human behaviour and psychology through highly-conceptual, eye-catching visuals, heavily influenced by personal experiences.


Schizophonographics, from the Greek terms ‘schizo’ (crazy, wildly eccentric), ‘phono’ and ‘graphē’, is his latest project. A series of crazy graphics taken with an iPhone on different days in different months at different locations along the Thames. As JC puts it, “The London river and its beauty easily makes you get into a deep state of mind where a lot of mixed emotions arise at the same time, causing a Stendhal Syndrome-like effect.”


Schizophonographics was born out of the experience of trying to understand and love the schizophrenic mind of a partner’s brother, 15 years ago. Through this experience, he learnt much about schizophrenia and the schizos. The work represents his personal view about human feelings when beauty and craziness walk together… along the river.