It reached over 32 million people….
Was named Top Christmas Ad of 2015 by Millward Brown…
Deemed within the top 25 most engaging advertising they’d ever researched…

Yes, it’s the Warburtons Giant Crumpet Show ad and it’s back on TV in time for Christmas!

Last Christmas we delivered the news that the warming, delicious, joy-inducing product, that the nation already loved, was now available in GIANT size. And to celebrate this, we created an all singing, all dancing crumpet extravaganza.

Following the success of our Sly Stallone Freshness campaign, once again we wanted yet another star to feature alongside owner, Jonathan Warburton – and who better to communicate the giant excitement of this product than the incomparably energetic Muppets?

The 120-second spot sees Kermit the Frog approach Jonathan with an idea for a new programme, ‘The Giant Crumpet Show’, by getting the Muppets crew to sing the classic Muppet Show theme tune – but instead, with some wacky crumpet-related lyrics. The ad will run from now until 31st December.

Warbs Crumpets Collage

Yes, they do fit in a toaster and yes, they are as delicious as they look. Enjoy!