In the era of such change, how can social media help and not hinder?

You’ll have seen the memes, videos, and posts about how dire 2016 has been. From Brexit to Donald Trump, the death of Alan Rickman and Prince (to name a few), and the fact that Toblerones are even less acceptable than before, it can be hard to really look forward to 2017.

At Most Contagious yesterday, we looked at the role that social media can and does play in our everyday lives and how brands, with the right strategy, can continue to benefit from it.

Is there a definitive answer on what the role of social will be in 2017? No. But what Most Contagious Editor, Alex Jenkins, said about 2016 buzzwords at the conference struck a chord here at WCRS. This year we have seen the rise of new phrases, but what do they really mean? The big three cited by Jenkins were:

1. Post-truth = a lie
2. Alt right = fascism
3. Fake news = propaganda

Alex stated, quite rightly: “When we see it, we need to call it out”.

Alex Jenkins

Source: Contagious

Brands, people… everyone needs to apply a common-sense filter to their social media presence. What are we posting? What are we reading? Is what we are saying factually accurate? The potential dangers facing brands if they aren’t watertight with their fact checking and their social media presence is stark as the ‘fake news’ revolution takes hold.

With elections across Europe taking place in 2017, Brexit continued, and Trump entering the White House, let’s make sure we’re doing the good deed. Let’s be smart about what we post, let’s call out the wrongs, let’s protect the reputation of our brands.