Today we launched a new global TV spot for King, designed to engage past players of the three Candy Crush games who haven’t played for a while.

The ad works to remind lapsed players about the fun, challenging, sweet world of Candy Crush by placing a player in amongst the bonkers, paused action, mid-game. Cues from all three Candy Crush games are there and transforming her world.

As our player wanders through the scene she takes in the exploding candies, the mighty colour bomb working its magic, a jelly-filled cab and a soda-spraying water main. Once she spies the dreaded chocolate blockers she has seen enough. She pulls out her phone, hits ‘play’ and starts smashing her way to victory.

The message – all three games are there, ready and waiting to sweeten your life.

The TV campaign has launched across 11 markets worldwide including the UK, US, and Australia.