This week sees the launch of ‘Made in the Royal Navy: Three Six Zero’, a virtual reality film that we created for the Royal Navy, that allows viewers to immerse themselves in life as a Royal Navy sailor.

The film, directed by Kit Lynch-Robinson, allows potential recruits to face – in a fully immersive 360-degree experience – a range of activities they would typically encounter in a career in the Royal Navy. Viewers will be immersed in the various scenarios, which include being winched from a helicopter on to the deck of a Type 23 frigate, as well as a man-overboard exercise, in a way that has not been possible before now. The 360-degree video and sound design will allow potential recruits to get closer than ever before to experiencing life in the Royal Navy before signing up.

As part of the campaign, the Royal Navy will be sending out branded Google Cardboard headsets to potential recruits to allow them to view the film in the most immersive way possible. The footage will also be viewable on desktop and mobile through YouTube and Facebook’s 360 video modes.

The film is the next step in the Royal Navy’s hugely successful ‘Made in the Royal Navy’ recruitment campaign, which we created and launched in 2015.

The film:


Made in The Royal Navy: Three Six Zero