Today Warburtons is launching a London-focused campaign to mark the arrival of its revolutionary new product, Toastie Pockets: the toastie you toast in the toaster.

The campaign is fronted by two 40” radio spots featuring Barbara Windsor and Brian Blessed.

Incensed by Jonathan Warburton’s audacity to create such a ground-breaking innovation, both celebrities leave ranting voicemails expressing their disbelief that such a product really exists. But both spots end with the reassurance that Toastie Pockets actually are the toasties you toast in the toaster. No, really.

The radio spots are supported by OOH, Shopper and PR activity, including an event in London at which attendees were invited to develop their ultimate toastie creations.

Listen to the two radio spots here:

Image: Source
Image: Source

Our ECD Billy Faithfull said, “At first it was just a rumour, a dream, a whisper on the wind. A toastie you toast in the toaster. My god, I texted to Jonathan Warburton, you’ve got some gumption, a toastie you toast in the toaster? Give me a break. And while you’re at it, pull the other one, foot emoji. But happily, it turned out not to be unmitigated codswallop, just quality bakery innovation, no matter what Brian Blessed or Barbara Windsor say, it’s undeniably true, you can toast a toastie in the toaster. No, really.”