Love, and a rather heady amount of rivalry, was in the agency air this week as Woo Week got underway. We saw everything from serenading choirs and poetry recitals to in-mail vegetable deliveries and lovesick diaries, as contenders ardently battled it out to win Best Woo and get their mitts on a bottle of bubbly from WCRS’ expert d’amour, Robin Wight.

The WCRS Culture Club kept close tabs on the romantic happenings around the office. Here’s some of what went down…


Culture Club spread the love around the office

We saw sickly sweet woos…


… and the slightly stalker-y

And, well, this…

But top prize went to a well thought out and thoroughly substantiated series of woos culminating in this secret diary chocked full – full! – of love notes and wishes.

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