Who you gonna call…Mark Denton!

Who you gonna call…Mark Denton!

No, seriously give him a ring, he told us to at least 10 times in his presentation yesterday that he picks up the phone to anyone and everyone.

As anyone who has met Mark, or listened to him speak will know, he is a hilariously eccentric and passionate character – I mean not many people come to a speaker event wearing a sweatshirt with their own name on it.

It definitely led to an unpredictable and lively talk…

Denton’s produced award-winning campaigns for the likes of Nike, Wrangler, Heineken and many, many more.

After dabbling in top agencies, Mark spends most of his time these days working as a director and bossing people around at his company, COY! where he directs and creates slapstick work for the likes of P&G and Evil Farms. Although, really, Mark is somewhat of a hybrid – you wouldn’t be able to list everything he’s done in his 40 years of advertising in this blog post alone.

He has a passion for all things weird and wonderful and his house is actually decorated in the theme of a set of ancestral caricatures… yes really.

He’s been a partner of a famous ad agency and the owner of a design company. He’s launched a magazine, re-launched Britain’s oldest advertising organisation and done pretty much everything in between.

He also gave us a sneak piece into some of his earliest work – the ideas he drew up in his free time as a visualiser, which eventually found their way into a pile of creatives’ ideas, and led to his first job as an Art Director.

And did you know he hosted the UKs first Mexican wrestling tournament…because…why not?