Have you ever visited a dolphinarium, or swum with a captive dolphin? It has long been one of the most popular holiday activities, but perhaps you were unaware that just the keeping of whales, dolphins and porpoises in captivity, is severely detrimental to their welfare. Science is conclusive that behind their proverbial smile, they are suffering.

Coinciding with World Whale Day on Saturday 18th February, this weekend saw the launch of Born Free Foundation’s new #SanctuariesNotTanks campaign. Its aim is to bring the facts to the attention of the public: housing these intelligent animals in featureless, concrete tanks prohibits them from the space and stimulation they would enjoy in the wild, causing reduced physical fitness, heightened anxiety, boredom and even early death.

We created the image below to promote the launch, running across London Westfield centres and calling on people to take action against this cruel practice.

Sign the #TankFree pledge here to show your support.

Born to be free. Not to perform.