Introducing the range of future innovations E.ON will be rolling out to make their customers’ lives easier – from electric vehicle charging and solar and battery storage to the E.ON Marketplace – today sees the launch of an integrated campaign that focuses on E.ON’s self-reading smart meters as a forerunner of the innovations to come.

The new ‘Epic Journey’ campaign we created as part of an Engine team, explores how E.ON’s self-reading smart meters that automatically send readings to E.ON, have saved customers from arduous treks to the back of the cupboard for their meter readings. Our hero Jackson hacks through a badminton racket jungle, dodges snapping hoover snakes and faces off with an exercise ball boulder to traverse his cupboard, before E.ON representative Jess and the self-reading smart meter rescue him from having to face these trials ever again.

The campaign is the first to mark E.ON’s new positioning and relationship with its customers as an innovative solutions brand, and features a re-energised look and feel as well as E.ON’s new global, future-facing endline: Tomorrow is .On.

The campaign runs across TV, VOD, radio, OOH, digital display and social, with a series of complementary Sky Cinema idents also showcasing the range of innovations available. Alongside this, E.ON have launched a new innovations hub housing all of the vital information on their upcoming solutions: www.eonenergy.com/tomorrow

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