Warburtons has marked the launch of its latest product, ‘Toastie Pockets’, with a huge digital execution on The Wall at Westfield, London’s second biggest outdoor media site.

The campaign aims to convince shoppers that Warburtons really do make a toastie you can toast in the toaster with the line, ‘The toastie you can toast in the toaster. No, really.’ The creative forces bystanders to collude with the joke by reading the digital poster headline from left to right and back again, causing viewers to shake their heads as though in disbelief.

The execution follows the launch of a radio and OOH campaign, fronted by two 40” spots featuring Barbara Windsor and Brian Blessed; incensed by Jonathan Warburton’s audacity to create such a groundbreaking innovation, the celebrities leave voicemails expressing their disbelief that such a product really exists. Listen to the spots here.