How to break into advertising

Looking to break into advertising? Well, you’ve come to the right place. And with just a handful of days left until the 6th March deadline, you’d better get your skates on if you want to submit an application for our WCRS Big Break.

The WCRS Big Break is an advertising internship like no other, offering a unique three-month experience across three different departments; account management, strategy and project management. As a Big Breaker you’ll be welcomed onto a client team, integrated into its day-to-day processes and get to understand the inner workings of an agency. And what’s more, it’s paid!

Currently in its fourth year, we’ve already hired five stars from the internship now working across our client services, strategy and project management departments. But this year, we’ve decided to run the scheme a little differently and…banned the CV!

The traditional CV has been replaced with a series of questions that focus less on academic background and more on passion and creativity – the kind of stuff you really need to thrive in this industry. This means there’s no requirement for a degree or previous experience, just for people who want to make great work and bring something new to the mix.

Here are five quick tips that might help you get your big break:

  1. Get on The Big Break – You can apply here. It’s an offer hard to be matched by the industry as it’s rare to gain such a broad perspective and experience of three different departments at entry level, and in such a short period of time.
  2. Get experience and get networking – Get in touch with everyone and say “yes” to all experience. Who is responsible for entry level recruitment? Don’t be shy in asking to meet up. Ours is an industry that’s good at helping others where it can.
  3. Do your research – Both on the agency and in general. Don’t worry about getting the marketing theory right, but do make sure you have an opinion on work you do and don’t like, with substantial reasoning behind it.
  4. Communicate your passion, personality and creativity – You might not be the greatest of writers or speakers. But when you’re sending applications, let your personality shine through. It doesn’t always have to be formal – why not drop the recruiter a voice note, a video, a snapchat? Anything that conveys your creativity and character in the best way possible.
  5. Keep going – Anyone to have found a job in the industry will tell you it’s not easy. Don’t give up at the first rejection. Or the second or third. If you really want it, keep innovating and keep learning and you’ll soon find yourself to be among the agency folk in no time.

Chris Boyton

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