This year the IPA celebrates its Centenary and during the 100 years since it swung open its doors there’s been a mind-boggling amount of ads created. But we believe that it’s possible to catalogue all of these ideas into 10 simple themes, as our Chief Strategy Officer, Matt Willifer, explains in this series of blogs.

Themes covered so far have been ‘Name Fame’, ‘Expressing Personality’, ‘Getting Emotional’, ‘Remaining Rational’, ‘Call to Action’‘Reframing the Debate’‘Going After the Enemy’ and ‘Company Belief’. Today marks the end of the series with our final theme, ‘Channel Choice’…



Ideas that are inseparable from the context in which they appear

These ideas are defined by the context in which a message is consumed and the channel best placed to deliver it.

These include ingenious uses of familiar media, such as Geico’s unskippable pre roll or Pedigree’s K9FM, a radio show for bored dogs left at home. They also include completely new channels, for example Water For Africa’s use of the medium of an African female marathon walker to highlight that women in Africa did this every day.

The below poster for Women’s Aid changed as you looked at it; enabling viewers to heal a woman’s bruises by paying attention to her, in turn suggesting we all have the power to stop domestic abuse if we take notice of it.

Thanks for joining us. That’s it folks!



Matt Willifer

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