The trade show at SXSW Interactive is a fascinating experience. It’s full of start-ups from every corner of the globe pitching for investment. You can find everything from Thermos flasks that stay at a consistent temperature to a VR shopping experience which will show you how your favourite item of clothing will change over time.

It’s very easy to be cynical when walking around the trade show asking questions like ‘what problem does it solve?’. We’ve all had ideas that we’ve pitched to friends and family that have been picked apart in a heartbeat but what’s great about the trade show is the passion and belief that everyone has in their ideas which leaves you thinking each has a chance. One of the original investors in Snapchat didn’t believe in the idea but believed in the person behind the idea.

Unfortunately, there weren’t many ideas that could be immediately used in marketing. Being able to film 3D 360 with a portable camera that costs $800 may become useful, but not this year. Some of the great ideas that caught my eye were an indestructible dog toy that moved itself and the camping power generator you put in water that charges your phone at the same speed as a wall charger.

Hopefully what this year’s trade will do will encourage those that attend or read about it to assess ideas more openly and in a less cynical fashion.

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