McCoy’s launch McBreeze!

Since 1985 McCoy’s have captivated the nation’s taste buds with their range of full-on flavoured potato treats. And now, in 2017, they’re hoping to conquer a second sense: smell.

Introducing, McBreeze, ironing water infused with all the flavour of McCoy’s. A world-first in delivering shirts that not only look crisp, they smell like a crisp too. That’s double crisp.

This incredible 2-in-1 product has already been flying off the shelves with fans claiming that McBreeze is boosting their confidence, their performance at work, and astonishingly, making them more attractive to the opposite sex.

A spokesperson from McCoy’s said: ‘Moving into the smell market was a natural progression for a brand as flavoursome as McCoy’s. Our fans have been so encapsulated by the full-on flavours of our crisps that they’ve been calling on us in their droves for a product that brings McCoy’s into more aspects of their day to day lives. And when flavour calls, we answer!’

McBreeze is available from all retailers for a very limited time only.


Phoebe Rees

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Joined on the Big Break placement scheme and now works as an Account Executive on Santander. Lives in East London and is passionate about pugs.

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