Memory is a powerful thing, and nothing triggers one quite like a photograph…

Super talented photographer Alex Cretey Systermans lives in Paris and works everywhere. We were lucky enough to have him come into WCRS to talk about the inspiration and creation of his ongoing photography project, ‘Familiar’.

“‘Familiar’ is an intimate lifestyle portrait-orientated project that all started eight years ago when my Father passed away and I began to document his world. A few months later, my little girl arrived and brought a new chapter to the work. They only just crossed each other but never met.”

Alex’s project is a tribute to the touching moments of the beautiful everyday – his work perfectly encapsulates what it means to tell a powerful story in a single shot. With subjects including his father, wife and daughter, the photos in the series allow the viewer to feel a sense of relatability. We know that room, we recognise that smell, we savour the taste of our favourite home-made dish. Each image is packed to the brim with raw emotion and speaks a thousand words.

Alex’s editorial work has featured in the likes of National Geographic France, The New-York Times, The Wall Street Journal, The Telegraph and many more.

Take a look at his full portfolio here – it’s beautiful, enjoy.