Our latest exhibition on the famous ‘WCRS Wall’ comes from photographer Shamil Tanna.

Shamil is exhibiting his ‘Ice Swimmers’ project, shot in 2015 at the first ever International Ice Swimming World Championships held in Murmansk, Russia – in a pool cut out of a vast frozen lake in water of zero degrees celsius.

Swimmers from all around the globe came together to battle against one another – and the cold – over a distance of 1km armed only with a pair of Speedos, goggles and a swimming hat.

Shamil Tanna documented this savage and fascinating event for The Red Bulletin; he witnessed the extreme mental and physical preparation as swimmers psyched themselves up to take the icy plunge, undergoing obligatory ECGs to ensure their hearts could last the distance, and the slow, painful process of recovery known as ‘coming back’, in specially equipped steam rooms.

Have a look at his full collection here.