Real News in the Age of Fake News

There aren’t too many shiny photos to show from this morning’s talk. Truth be told, Pulitzer-prize winning journalist and editor of The New Yorker didn’t need pretty slides to accompany his impassioned discourse on ‘Real News in the Age of Fake News’.

Wonderfully crafted and incredibly engaging, David Remnick spoke about the important distinction between lies and bullsh*t. Lies, at least acknowledge there is a truth, but choosing to take a different path. Whilst bullsh*t is the propensity to simply make stuff up.

Drawing on examples from Donald Trump’s election campaign – partial to both lying and bullsh*tting, Remnick talked about how the new mediascape has played a decisive role in how Fake News has been allowed to thrive and grow. Social media now allows for social affirmation for what was once, the unspeakable.

In the same vain, we are all stakeholders in the discussion of Fake News, whether that be the sharing of information, or the search for truth. And it is our responsibility to isolate, recognise and combat Fake News.

If we go on ignoring the crisis, we can go from one day to the next without noticing the harm caused. But if we continue to ignore, we will drown, “that is not fake news, it is fact”.