Let the pics do the talking

We’re living in a time where visuals can speak louder than words. So who better to give us an insight into the world of visual storytelling than Natalia Talkowska, founder of creative agency ‘Natalka Design’ and creative workshop ‘Doodle-le-do’. Natalia reminded most of us of a cold, hard truth… we don’t draw anymore (unless you’re a creative of course). Drawing as a youngster was an integral part of our childhood and we used it to communicate, tell stories and cement our fondest memories. This truth was used to Natalia’s advantage when she launched Natalka Design as a means of creating visual solutions to business problems. You can think of it as real time creative mind mapping which has been used for coaching sessions, conferences and pitches.

Doodle-le-do, Natalia’s second venture is a creative networking event that proves we can all still draw. Doodle-le-do is now run in over 20 countries across 5 continents and has been used for corporate away days by Sony, GAP and LinkedIn. So let’s pick up that pen and don’t just jot notes, start drawing! Why not visualise that contact report or present your data in a way that’s more engaging, because after all, everyone can draw (even if it’s just a stick person).