We gave Londoners the chance to show their support for Pride in London and the LGBT+ community.

We wanted to prove that London is a brilliantly accepting, respectful and loving city, and show that Love Happens Here, rather than hate.

So we created the Love Powered Billboard.

If passers-by blew a kiss, gave a thumbs up, or kissed a loved one, the billboard was triggered into psychedelic action. Any physical expression of love would trigger our amorous poster.

Pride in London dominated the billboard for 3 hours, and 25 people shared a gesture of love, from pensioners to children, straight or LGBT+.

Digital specialists Ocean Outdoor supported the campaign, donating the giant billboard at Westfield Stratford City, where the work ran on the 24th June.

Dino Burbidge, Director of Technology and Innovation at WCRS said “Digital Out Of Home is making huge leaps terms of technical capabilities but sometimes, the best tech is actually a human hidden in a bush. We realised pretty early that the tech behind this billboard should be powered by love too. Instead of cameras and complex image recognition software, the team at Ocean Outdoor allowed us to connect the billboard to a special digital button which was pressed when anyone interacted with the billboard. It meant we could react to even the most subtle of gestures – something not even IBM Watson could have done. It was amazing to see people sharing their love with the billboard and get involved in the campaign… even crouched in a bush.”