Today, NOW TV unveils a digital campaign, ‘The Battle for Westeros’ to launch the screening of the hotly anticipated Game of Thrones Series 7.

The digital game, created by WCRS, is played out across an interactive map of Game of Thrones kingdom, Westeros, and allows players to compete in real time for the most coveted areas of the map.

As many Game of Thrones fans have been rooting for one House from the very start – whether it be House Stark, House Targaryen, House Lannister or the anarchic White Walkers – the map has been split into ~2,500 hexagons that fans can claim in the name of their chosen House. With the aim of claiming as many hexagons as possible (thereby claiming the kingdom of Westeros), fans will need to rally their friends on social to take over as much of the map as they can in the three-week campaign period.

The digital site is supported 24/7 throughout the campaign with real-time updates via two live streams; a Facebook Live stream and a Periscope Producer livestream on Twitter, and promoted with a suite of 30” social videos, including a teaser and four follow-up videos fronted by the leaders of each House.

The game will run for three weeks in total; a two-week window in the run up to the release of Season 7 on 17th July, and one week after Episode 1 airs – to of course give fans a chance to change their allegiance if episode 1 doesn’t go their way!

At the end of the campaign, one person will win two tickets to Croatia to experience some of the areas that Game of Thrones season 7 was filmed.

Play the game here.

Dino Burbidge, Director of Technology and Innovation, says: “It’s a classic game of point control; a battle for territory, teams banding together to claim as much land as they can; re-imagined for the 21st Century. Underneath the hood there’s a lot going on to make sure that the NOW TV Battle for Westeros offers a compelling gameplay experience for as many fans as possible, on the platforms where they’re most likely to see it. Personally, I’m rooting for the White Walkers!”


Client: NOW TV

Agency: WCRS

Executive Creative Director: Ross Neil

Creative Director:  Ben Long

Creatives: Sidonie Chaffer-Melly, Howard de Smet

Digital Project Director: Sam Child

Account Handling: Daniel Britton, Charlotte O’Brien

Planning: Alex Willimott, Mark Harrop

Media Agency: Mediacom

Client team: Kate Fayers, Byron Fitzpatrick, Diana Hajnal