Imagine making a three minute film. No editing. No sound. And the first time you saw it was on a cinema screen together with an audience.

That’s the Straight8 competition. You shoot a short film on one cartridge of Super8 film, it gets sent off to the lab, the sound sent entirely separate from it, and it all gets stitched together ready in time for screening at the Cannes Lions festival… the first time you see it.

The way the competition works means the only editing you can do is in-camera. Everything has to be shot in sequence, and because you can’t rewind and overwrite film, each shot gets just one take. As it’s so difficult, if not impossible to get sound in sync, dialogue’s pretty much out the window.

For our entry into the Straight8 Ad Industry Shootout, we thought it’d be best to get it all in one shot. In our story, the dialogue comes from a dictaphone tape found by the main character, all shot on a ‘70s French camera that after a bit of coaxing ran again smoothly and reliably to produce our film below.

Our film made it to the second screening at Picturehouse Central, Piccadilly Circus.

Congratulations to all the other entries we watched on the day, we enjoyed taking part in the competition and learning all about the art of making a Straight8.