First published in Little Black Book.

The annual APA show will be bringing together the world of advertising on Thursday 7th September and celebrating the industry we work in with a collection of 40 to 50 pieces of the UK’s best advertising work. Every year the judges must watch hundreds of films to decide on the final collection, and this year, we’ve got our very own Head of Broadcast Production Sally Lipsius on the panel. Here’s what she had to say when interviewed by Co-Editor of Little Black Book, Alex Reeves:

Having watched and judged all of the entries for the APA Show, how do you feel about the state of British advertising?
The calibre of this year’s entries is as good as ever, if not better. The quality of the work is really very high and I enjoyed watching them all. There were so many that I wished I had had the pleasure of working on!

How did you do your judging? Did you watch it all in one sitting?
I had to do it over two sittings to make sure that I watched them all from start to finish.  There’s a lot to go through. But it’s worth devoting the time. There are always so many that I haven’t had the chance to see before.

Were there any themes or trends that stood out?
I think that, for me, it was pleasing to see that the comedy/dialogue scripts are going strong. These commercials really do live or die on the quality of the script and I felt that there were some very strong contenders. Then there are of course the blockbuster visual epics too, which are always fun and interesting to watch.

There are so many award shows in this industry. Where do you think the APA Show fits in. What is unique about it?
I love the fact that there are no categories. It’s a stronger, tougher arena to fight your corner in and all the work that makes it to the show is the best work out there.

How about the night? Do you have any strong APA Show memories (or lack thereof?) Anything you’re particularly looking forward to this time around?
It’s by far the best party of any of the award shows and at the best, most interesting venues. How lucky are we to be able to roam through places like the Natural History museum after it’s closed to the public? Roll on Thursday 7th!  See you there.

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