In this months’ Who Cares Wins inspiration session we learnt that Galaxy’s iconic advert involving Audrey Hepburn and a snazzy convertible wasn’t a Frankenstein experiment gone right. It was in fact an example of the magical work of Framestore, the visual effects company who’ve created globally iconic work from Walking with Dinosaurs, to the Guinness Surfer ads to the Oscar-winning film Gravity. Today, we were lucky enough to hear from CCO and Co-Founder Mike McGee.

The team at Framestore have become so successful in blurring the lines between CGI and reality that actors can now sell their current and future image rights, meaning that in 40 years’ time casting crews will have to decide both who to cast and from what era to cast them from.

Beyond CGI, Framestore has created some ground-breaking work with their dedicated VR studio, recently taking a group of school kids on a field trip to Mars in a world first headset-free group virtual reality vehicle experience. To achieve this, the team created a 200-square-mile ‘worldspace’ based on real street configurations of Washington D.C. and changed the glass from a classic yellow school bus into a VR screen, turning the bus itself into a giant headset! The kids could all look out the windows as they moved past the Mars scene in real-time- transporting them to another planet.

With new phones having increased inbuilt AR capabilities and VR continuing to receive billions of dollars of investment each year, the opportunity for advertisers to bring new and engaging brand experiences to consumers, at scale, is constantly evolving and improving. We look forward to seeing what Framestore bring us in 2018!