Congratulations, you’ve found the best communications graduate scheme in the UK.

Why? Simple. As a company made up of thirteen award-winning agencies, it’s fair to say that Engine do a lot of things, and so it’s only right that Engine’s Graduates get to do lots of things too.

That’s why we successful applicants are given the freedom to build their first year with Engine around what inspires them, whether that’s PR, advertising, strategy or beyond, by choosing four of our agencies as the starting blocks for the ultimate graduate year; we give you the opportunity to become the Grad you want to be.

So who are we looking for?

Because our Grad scheme is different, we want you to be different. If you think you can show a diversity in the way you think, behave and problem-solve, then this may just be the opportunity you’ve been waiting for.

Sound good? Great. Let’s meet the agencies…


We like to think of our Scheme as a bit of a pick n mix. Passionate about PR but also interested in advertising – no worries. Love live events but want to see what sponsorship is all about – you got it.

Available in four Engine flavours, here’s a run down of our selection box for 2018.


We’ve had a talented bunch of people walk through our door, each with their own unique graduate experience, but here’s three things they all agree you need to cut the mustard at Engine:

Be Innovative – We are thirteen agencies that share one common goal – to create innovative ideas for our clients. We’d love to hear what new ideas you can bring to the table, and how you’d fit into our collaborative culture.

Be Interesting – Tell us what you love. Engine’s community is a diverse one, full of different interests and passions. We want to hear what makes you, and the way you think, unique. Your innate curiosity and desire to learn should be accompanied by genuine flexibility – if you’ve already got your heart set on a specific role in a specific agency, then this scheme probably isn’t for you.

Be Informed – Do your research. You won’t be expected to know every minute detail of day-to-day marketing, but you should know what we do and the world we work in. What works? What doesn’t? We like people with different opinions who aren’t afraid to express them.

Take a gander at our Grad Gallery to get under the skin of what makes us tick…

The application deadline is 31 January 2018. Click here to apply.