Today, End Youth Homelessness has added a seasonal twist to its hard-hitting 2017 poster campaign in an effort to raise awareness of youth homelessness at Christmas.

The message; 25,000 young people will be homeless over the Christmas period.

The posters, featuring the kind of brutal dilemmas faced by young homeless people against an array of vivid pastel tones, will appear at 193 sites across the United Kingdom – everywhere from London to Bristol, Cardiff to Edinburgh – kindly donated by Jack Agency.

Originally designed to promote ‘Sleep Out’, the annual EYH fundraising event, the simple creative poster message made by us helped encourage more than 2,500 Sleep Out participants across the country raise over £1million.


Orlando Warner, Creative Director, WCRS: “The only thing worse than being homeless, is being homeless at Christmas. When everyone else is warm indoors with their friends and families, many young people will be left out in the cold. This simple, impactful poster campaign highlights the dangers that many young people face.”


Steph Gilks, Marketing Manager, Jack Agency: “We’re proud to be partnering with End Youth Homelessness over the festive period. Using our poster sites across the UK, we hope to raise awareness about the desperate decisions homeless young people are forced to make.”



Full Credits:

Client: End Youth Homelessness
Agency: WCRS
Creative Director: Orlando Warner, Steve Hawthorne
Creatives: Aly Golani, Emma Jackson
Account Handling: Alex Gluck, Celine Prinse
Agency Designers: Lee Burns, Roland Williams @Trailer Park
Creative out-of-home agency: Jack (Marketing manager: Khaly Nguyen)