Every year Pitch Magazine celebrates the superwomen in our industry that get sh*t done across all ranks in their 100 Superwoman list.

Pitch Superwomen are the women behind the scenes who have the exceptional ability to handle multiple tasks without sweating it. They are brave, take risks and above all get the job done.

We are therefore so proud that two of our very own wonder women were shortlisted this year after being nominated by industry peers.

Here are our 2018 superwomen:

Kirsty Wood, Integrated Project Director

Kirsty has unfaltering energy that gets the job done, and then some. She lifts shackles, stops time and stretches budget. And always with a huge smile. Creative Producer, mentor, first-aider and fire marshal. Kirsty is part of the very fabric of WCRS.

Abi Bishop, Social Strategist 

A social-media superstar. Partnering with creatives. Advising clients how to deal with tricky situations and working all night to make sure that everybody who enjoyed our new Warburtons Peter Kay TV ad had their own moment of interaction with the brand.

For more info go to: https://www.thepitchfanzine.com/100-superwomen-1