To coincide with the launch of the much-anticipated Disney Pixar summer blockbuster, Incredibles 2, Sky Broadband is proud to launch its latest TV-led campaign. The hero 40” spot, created by us, features a member of the Sky Broadband Tech Team visiting the Parr household. As the spot opens, we see the Engineer having just boosted the wifi signal through the house, being grabbed by Dash, the Parr’s faster than lightning son, and being led at hyper speed around the home to test how far the signal reaches.

In a series of whip-funny vignettes, the Engineer is led from room to room, embarrassing Violet as she brushes her teeth and so turning invisible, being terrified by being hoisted up and down in the family car by Bob, and even being lasered by Baby Jack-Jack.

The spot is notable for using for both the talent from the Incredibles 2 feature, including Holly Hunter, as well as casting an actual Sky Broadband Tech Team Engineer to do the voiceover for this part. Having held a competition nationwide, four shortlisted Engineers came to London to complete a final audition for the role, which was finally awarded to a lucky entrant from Wales.

The spot is part of a wider integrated campaign comprising out of home, press, radio and landmark digital OOH placements across the country.