In 168 words, and in no particular order, here are the five most important bits and one interesting bob I took out of day one of Festival of Marketing 2018.

Bit 1: We have a responsibility for mental health, particularly in youth advertising and social media.

Bit 2: Selfless is the new selfish for the British man. It’s cool to care (which perhaps is selfish after all?).

Bit 3: The idea of loyalty needs to be redefined. Do not rely on the numbers. The truth might be all in the distribution. ‘Loyalty at parity’ is key and worth having.

Bit 4: Mine your historical brand assets before reinventing the wheel. They might just need to be modernised. But don’t make them too sexy (cc. Captain Birds Eye).

Bit 5: We should all care, and not be ashamed to care, that our No.1 priority is to make money for our clients. Mark Ritson everybody!

Bonus Bob: The FoM audience thinks Louis Theroux is dreamy. And ain’t that the truth!