Podcasts may not be for every influencer, but with brands allocating 20% of their ad budgets into this marketing channel, there has been a huge increase in collaboration with influencers to create new podcast channels.

People listen to podcasts because they are accessible, intimate, recommendations from friends, or offer content they can’t get anywhere else.

Listeners make it through about 90% of an episode and relatively few are skipping through ads, which proves there is a market for brands to start advertising more with influencers on podcasts.

The first question from a brand is normally, “but how can we track sales / clickthroughs / brand sentiment?”.

Now with Apple Podcasts delivering analytics on listeners, advertisers can rest assured that influencers will be able to share detailed analytics. But it’s not necessarily all about sales and clickthroughs. 85% of people who start a podcast listen to all or most of it, so if a brand were to sponsor a series it would help build a connection to the brand—organically turning listeners into consumers.

Influencer ads on Instagram can sometimes turn consumers off but interestingly, on podcasts, 75% of podcast listeners take action on a sponsored message.

As always, when brands partner with influencers the collaboration has to feel authentic and be a brand they would naturally talk about. The same applies to podcasts; if anything, even more so, because listening to a podcast is a much more intimate and personal experience.

The listener should always feel like the brand is part of the story, that’s why both parties need to be particularly selective about who they collaborate with.

There are a number of ways a brand can harness podcasts in collaboration with influencers:

  • Pre-roll: roughly 15 seconds, the pre-roll is the advertising section that starts the podcast.
  • Mid-roll: runs 30-60 seconds, the mid-roll is the advertising section that’s found in the middle of the podcast.
  • Live read: mention at the time of the podcast.
  • Outro: towards the end of the podcast where the host can give a CTA, this could be a giveaway, limited time offer, view a video or discount code, etc.
  • Sponsorship: brands can sponsor the whole podcast series and plan when key messaging needs to be mentioned by the podcaster and how. The brand will be mentioned in every podcast episode.

There will always be another ‘social channel’ for influencers to be on, but podcasts have proven they are a really cost-effective way of getting a brands campaign message out there! So I think it is the future platform for influencers, and for marketers to consider when partnering with influencers.

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